An excited journey to lunch

A couple of weeks back I took the team out for the day.

The event? The Entrepreneurs Network “One Day Spectacular” at the 02 in London.  Not only did the day live up to its billing in being truly spectacular, but the response from my team was too.

I go to quite a few business events to keep myself informed and ‘in the loop’ with the latest in business and marketing, but I usually go alone and try and remember what I learn so I can tell the team when I get back to the office.

It doesn’t work that well. Either it gets too far down the “to do” list, or I simply forget!

So this time, I thought I’d take the whole team.  Some weren’t keen. Others were keen, but only because it was a day out of the office.

Most of them seemed a little nervous about what the day itself would entail.

I was a little nervous myself – what if they hated it? Maybe I’d have been better off treating them to a spa day?

Thankfully, my fears disappeared pretty quickly once the morning session began.

The morning focused on creating a better “business experience” for customers – something that was 100% relevant to the whole team. Essex entrepreneur James Sinclair’s presentation was particularly sparkling as he explained how he built relationships with customers and joint venture partners alike.

I looked cautiously around me, half expecting my team to be texting or rolling their eyes, but they weren’t. They were listening attentively, making notes, fully on board with James’ words.

We headed off for lunch and I didn’t say a word, listening to my team wax lyrical on the morning’s presentations:

“That was such a great idea”

“Why don’t we do that?”

“Let’s start doing this”

This level of excitement lasted all the way through lunch, all the way through the afternoon and even stuck around for a drink or two once the event had finished.

I’ve got one big takeaway from that little story:

We can never be truly sure what kind of reaction a new approach will evoke.

We might predict what it’ll be, but we won’t know for sure. At least until we try it.

So if you’re stuck in the mud, and nothing you do seems to be working, why not try something else? You never know, it might work.

Have a great day,

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