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I have been watching “Springwatch” which has been aired on the BBC over the last couple of weeks – for those that know me this may be a little bit of a shock as it isn’t really my first choice viewing.  But it is one of my son’s favourites and makes a nice change from football!

As is the way with kids, last week when we were shown live web cam footage from a nest occupied by Red Kites, Bobby my son suddenly remembered that he had a bird box stashed away somewhere in the shed and, of course, he wanted it put up straight away – which begrudgingly Dale did when he got in from work!

The next morning, Bobby was somewhat disappointed that we didn’t have Red Kites nesting in his bird box already.

This got me thinking, that if I had a pound for every time my mum told me that “good things come to those who wait”, I’d be on a beach somewhere in the Bahamas right now!

So I suppose I shouldn’t be so surprised that Bobby seems to have inherited my childhood impatience.

Perhaps I didn’t make it clear to Bobby, when we put up his new bird box in our garden, that we were preparing for birds to come in the future, not within seconds.

So I guess it’s my fault that I’ve been asked when the birds are coming every day since!

It’s human nature, I suppose.

Once we decide we want something, we want it RIGHT NOW.

Especially if we’re 7 years old.

But sometimes, like with the bird box, we need to make plans, prepare and then wait.  Patiently.

Magazine advertising is like that.

We have lead times – up to 6 weeks sometimes.  So we cannot get a message out tomorrow (Not in print anyway!).

Local marketing is also like that.  Ideas take time to articulate and implement.  Customers take time to build trust and gain confidence in a company they like the look of.

So planning and preparation is imperative, and the sooner you start preparing, the sooner you’re likely to see the results.

The very worst thing a business who wants new customers via print media can do is wait until you’re desperate for customers before you start marketing.

My son Bobby also has to wait, but we’ve done the work up front that means it WILL happen. The birds now have somewhere to land and nest, when they were ready to do so.

It’s the same with your local business.  It needs to be out there and visible at all times, so when your prospect needs your service, the first business they think of is yours.

You might not even get lots of customers as soon as your advert goes live.  But they will come.

And if you advertise continuously – they will continue to come, building both awareness of your business and a full order book, shop, theatre, or whatever it is you sell.

But to be sure of not being caught out – you need to place that advert before you need it – a bit like me and my son’s birdbox.

I like to be prepared.  How prepared are you to get new customers?

Bye for now,




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