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How valuable are your customers?

The other day we received a particularly glowing testimonial from a long-term customer and started to discuss how long they had  been advertising with us. We were amazed to realise it was almost nine years! One thought led to another, and we ended up calculating on a post-it note just how much business we had done with this customer over the years. Again we …

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Givers Gain – The Power of Referrals

You might be surprised that as a magazine publisher, (whose revenue comes through paid advertising), we’re writing about the power of referrals for your business, but you’d be less surprised if I told you that much of our business comes to us from referrals from our satisfied customers. There’s the proof, right there that referrals work – when a customer …

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Free-From foods expected to hit £637 million by 2020

Recent research has revealed that the free-from food craze is rocketing in the UK, with the sales forecast to increase by 13 per cent, to reach £531 million in 2016, up from an estimated £470 million in 2015. Health concerns are expected to further boost sales of free-from food according to a recent UK survey by Mintel.  Many British consumers …

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Motor focus: Female friend or foe?

A recent survey by Different Spin revealed that women feel patronised by the automotive industry. 48,345 women were surveyed about their thoughts on purchasing a car, owning one and dealing with faults, which identified a general sense of alienation by the automotive industry. With a staggering 90 per cent of women saying that they would not go to a car …

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The purchase cycle – be in it to win it!

The purchase cycle - be in it to win it! Research shows that a consumer goes through a similar process every time they consider buying something!

Research shows that a consumer goes through a similar process, The Purchase Cycle, every time they consider buying something, albeit due to the way media is now consumed, this process is sometimes a bit messy. But the process is always-on. Brand experience is affected at every moment, by every touchpoint. The more expensive the item or more personal it is, …

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Does size really matter?

Does size really matter? If money was of no concern then companies would happily run full page adverts every day of the year. But we live in the real world.  Marketing budgets are often tight so every penny counts. So what’s more important: running a big ad or running an ad often? We’d be sitting on a beach somewhere sipping …

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