FB and KFC, did they really FCK up?

No doubt you’ve seen that Facebook has been in the news a lot over the last month, with data breaches prompting widespread concern and consternation.

You may also remember that KFC were in the news earlier in the year when they ran out of chicken!

Why is this relevant? Firstly, both stories spread like wild fire online, and both prompted a degree of anger amongst the public.   

There was a #deletefacebook campaign launched almost straight away, with many people unhappy with the reported breach. Some reports claim that up to 1 in 10 UK adults have, or intend to, delete their Facebook account.  I also read that some of members of the public had called the police about the KFC mishap. Seriously!

But with hindsight, this anger and reaction, may have been a tad misplaced.

It wasn’t Facebook that were supposedly in the wrong; it was Cambridge Analytica.

It wasn’t KFC that had run out of chickens, it was DHL who were having teething problems with their new KFC contract.

But what both these stories prove is that consumers don’t really care about the facts – at least not immediately – and by the time the truth comes out, the damage is done and the brand is tarnished.

This “FB scandal” apparently wiped $75 billion of their market value in a single week after the news broke. The sad part here is that “bad news” travels really fast and seemingly without consideration to how true the story is.

Have you considered how your suppliers or associated businesses could tarnish your brand?

Secondly, and more interesting for me, both of these huge brands chose to promote their apologies in the national “printed” press.

There are many reason why print may have been chosen for this message.  For me, a really important emotion that print continues to hold on to very well to this day is “trust”.

How do you build and enhance trust in your business?  

Here at RH Uncovered, we use a mix of media to build trust and confidence  – using both online portals and printed media.  I find the most powerful way that we share the “bank of trust” we have created with customers is within the library of video testimonials we have online.

These continue to have many views each week and prospects will often refer to them when discussing a potential campaign they want to explore with us.

How are you marketing the trust you already have with past/current customers to your future clients?  Let us know, we love to see what others are doing!

P.S. If you want to see the testimonial videos we’ve put together, just click HERE.

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