Have you heard about this absolute CLOWN?

Have you come across James Sinclair?

In the last 15 years he’s built a business empire from nothing to £10 million a year.

All in brick and mortar businesses, selling events, entertainment, leisure and a whole bunch of other stuff.

And he’s only 31.

Pretty crazy eh?

In the last couple of years he’s started speaking at business events around the UK and he’s written a book entitled “The Millionaire Clown” – the story of how he went from a one-man band clown routine to the multi-million pound empire he has today.

I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing James first hand, and I can verify that this guy knows A LOT about business.

Don’t be fooled by the fun-loving, entertaining exterior, underneath is a razor-sharp mind, an exceptional instinct for the right idea and an extremely sound business principles.

And that’s why I’ll be joining the 60-minute online webinar he’s running at 6pm on Monday August 8th.  It’s called “Eight Lessons From An Eight Figure Entrepreneur”, and he’ll be sharing some of the secrets behind his considerable success.

He’s recorded a video explaining exactly what he’ll be covering on the webinar, so if you’re keen to learn the Millionaire Clown’s steps to success, click here and watch his video now.



P.S. I really am very excited about this webinar – it’s the first one he’s ever done, and I’m convinced it’ll be really valuable.  You can watch his video about it HERE.

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