My wedding – unplugged

 Hi, it’s Koo here from the production department for the RH Uncovered magazines here at Mantra.

If you don’t currently work with us, then you might not know who I am, so let me explain:

I process and look after all of the artwork and content for customers appearing in our magazines.

If you do know me, you’ll probably be aware that I got married in Rhodes a couple of weeks ago.

You’re probably thinking that a wedding in Rhodes sounds pretty exotic, but I’m afraid to report that it didn’t go quite as planned…

Don’t worry my groom turned up, but my flight out didn’t.

You probably heard about the queues and the cancelled flights a few Saturdays ago.

Yes, we were booked on to one of those cancelled flights!

Family and friends were in Rhodes already waiting for us, and I was stuck at Gatwick with no flight and stuck in the queue for the British Airways ticket desk.

I was fuming, distraught and in tears.  

My dream wedding, that had been in the planning for over a year, was falling apart before my eyes, all because of a computer problem.

We weren’t alone in our trauma. In the queue next to us was another couple suffering the same devastating news.

Whilst both us tearful “brides-to-be” comforted each other and discussed what we were going to do, Dan, my partner (and now my husband) was a little more calculated and proactive.

Whilst I was adamant that I was going to give BA a piece of my mind, Dan said he was going to make a quick call. The other couple also said that they would stay with me as complaining was the only way to resolve the matter and to sort this out.

5 minutes later, Dan, (my knight in shining armour), reappeared with a grin and announced that he had re-booked us on to another flight later that day.

Yes!!! the show WILL go on !!! (I KNEW there was a reason I agreed to marry him!)   

Albeit with an 8 hour delay, travelling on some Polish airline that I had never heard of and at a cost well over two thousand pounds for four ONE WAY tickets.

The other couple – my new “tearful-bride-to-be-friend” and her partner, then decided that they had no option but to follow in Dan’s footsteps and to book on to the flight as well.

Unfortunately the next flight was already full by then. 

Unfortunately all flights to Rhodes from Gatwick, and in fact England, were full by then. 

The poor couple ended up having to book a flight the following day, that departed from AMSTERDAM and they would have to drive there first!

It is totally natural to take time out and consider the options available when making business decisions and being a businessman, Dan knew this.

Apparently it is the law of inertia – (that’s what Matthew, my boss, says anyway.)

“An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force”

If Dan hadn’t taken it upon himself to act there and then, we would probably still be stuck “at rest” and motionless in the queue at Gatwick today.

When marketing your business nowadays there seems to be infinite new options to consider each and every month.

It is almost easier to do nothing at all, and to just wait and keep looking at yet more new options and hoping for one to offer us the magic formula we need.

That won’t happen.  

The key nugget here is that sometimes taking time to deliberate and delay making a decision may actually cost more in the long run, than just going for it and making a decision.

What decisions are you putting off making?

Anyway, we are now working on the August issue and I have nearly 400 adverts and pieces of artwork to request and process before deadline – if you are booked in already you will probably get another email from me soon.

Bye for now,

Koo  (The new Mrs Passfield!)

 Ps. One last piece of wisdom if you have an important computer – please cut out this box and stick it to the plug!







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