Nowhere to be seen?

You might have noticed that our social media presence has increased significantly over the last 12 months.

Which, on the face of it, might come across as slightly odd.

After all, we publish a printed magazine, in which we place relevant advertising.

Surely social media is a conflict of interests?

Let me tell you that it’s absolutely not.

I’ll explain why:

Every month we get a lot of requests to promote details of events in the magazines, but often we receive them too late, once the magazines have actually been printed.

I decided we needed to do something about it, and that’s what the social media initiative is all about – creating a way for us to promote these events, even when the magazine has gone to print.

It’s gone well so far, but it’s not without its snags.

You see, the dilemma we’ve experienced is that many of the events, and the community groups that run these events, don’t have their own online presence.

Which makes it hard to direct people to the right place, and promote them “properly”.

I was talking to one of the people who runs a community event about this exact thing, and whilst we were chatting, he realised that he had exactly the same problem with his business.

It’s nowhere to be seen online.

I did some digging and it’s the same with lots of our customers.

Either they’re not using any online platforms, or if they are, they’re doing it in a ‘token’ sort of way, with a post or two per month.

This is bad news.

The digital revolution has changed everything for businesses, and if you’re actually serious about marketing your business properly, you MUST factor in your online presence, whilst not forgetting about your offline presence.

What do you imagine a prospect will think when there is very little, or up to date, information on a business and the services they provide?

Here’s a clue: it won’t be positive.

The big take away here is the importance of a marketing strategy without gaps.

Can people find you in the media they consume offline, and is what they find helping your business?

Can people find you in the media they consume online, and is what they find helping your business?

If the answer to either of those questions is a ‘no’, something needs to change.

If you want to chat through either of these things, just hit reply.

Have a great day,


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