Our Repeat Booking Figures

We are proud of the fact that on average *93% of customers rebook advertising space with us. 

We are always happy to share our repeat booking figures with you.

We think it’s important to give you all the facts and figures we can to assist you in making your decision about where to place your advertising for your business.

Below, we have detailed the repeat booking figures for customers appearing in our magazines on a month by month basis.  In this table we have published the figures since March 2015 to show the consistency in the results we achieve each month.

Repeat booking figures are another way for you to gauge how well a publication works in terms of getting the message out to prospective customers. This is something that any publication should be able to furnish you with, to help you in your decision making, before you place your business with them.

Month 1
(previous month)
vsMonth 2
(current month)
Total Customers
(month 1)
(month 1)
Total Customers
from M1 "Rebooked" into M2
Total Rebooked Customers (all)Total Rebooked
Customers (with season adjustment)
Dec 2016vsJan 20172461922786%93%
Nov 2016vsDec 20162803022681%90%
Oct 2016vsNov 20162821924286%92%
Sep 2016vsOct 20162892025187%93%
Aug 2016vsSep 20162811523784%90%
Jul 2016vsAug 20162801525290%95%
June 2016vsJul 20162891725588%94%
May 2016vsJun 20162831125490%93%
Apr 2016vsMay 20162582025188%95%
Mar 2016vsApr 20162571622086%91%
Feb 2016vsMar 20162581722085%91%
Jan 2016vsFeb 20162751624489%94%
Dec 2015vsJan 2015 2782623183%92%
Nov 2015vsDec 20152912625086%91%
Oct 2015vsNov 20152913423480%91%
Sep 2015vsOct 20152341220989%94%
Aug 2015vsSep 20152341520989%95%
Jul 2015vsAug 20152851524486%90%
Jun 2015vsJul 20152821424888%93%
May 2015vsJun 20152641523890%96%
Apr 2015vsMay 20152492121285%93%
Mar 2015vsApr 20152622321984%92%

*93% is our rebook figure once an adjustment is made for **Seasonal Customers.  

Our rebook figure without the adjustment for Seasonal customers is still an impressive 87%.

**Seasonal customers are businesses that we work with who may appear several times during the year but do not need to maintain a permanent presence.  For example, this may mean that they are advertising a date specific event and therefore would not need to promote it every month/or after the event. 




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