RH Uncovered Magazines

Every month, we talk to over one hundred thousand households in the South of England – do you want to talk to them too?

We have a portfolio of 6 different community magazines that we distribute across the RH post code and surrounding areas. These consist of community related content, What’s On, competitions and editorial on lifestyle topics from Homes and Gardens, Food and Drink, through to Childcare and Pets.

Our last reader review revealed that:

  • 97% of readers said they find our magazine useful with over 55% reading it cover to cover each month
  • Over 75% of readers will keep their monthly copy for at least a couple of weeks
  • 86% of readers will refer to our magazine at least once each month
  • Over 68% of readers have contacted advertisers between 1 and 4 times over the past year

There is a range of ways we enable businesses to engage with our readership including press articles, advertising, competitions and market research. We are always happy to discuss ideas.

To hear how RHUncovered has generated business for our customers, view our case studies and video testimonials now – link to www.mantramagazines.co.uk/category/video-testimonials.

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