Are you serious or do you just tick a box?

I’m about to have a new kitchen fitted at home. It will be the first kitchen that I have had fitted in all my adult life and I didn’t realise quite what was involved (or how stressful the decision making process would be!)

If you listen to my other half saying “an oven is an oven isn’t it?” – you could be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss is about.

But of course an oven isn’t just an oven. There are so many things to consider. 

  > Do I want it sited under-counter or do  I want it at eye-level?  

   > Will it need to be self cleaning?

      (Bit of a pointless question…OF COURSE it needs to be self cleaning!) 

   > Will I need to microwave and grill at the same time?

   > And don’t even get me started on deciding on whether to have one or two ovens!

Let’s go back a step – I want an oven.

I could go and buy the first oven that “ticks the box” – i.e. just an oven that cooks things.

But I don’t want to regret my decision somewhere down the line, when I just know that I am going to be disappointed and will likely have to pay out for a replacement oven which does all I need it to.

And that’s what got me thinking about some of the conversation with our prospective customers.

Some just want to “tick the box” – they need to be able to justify to themselves that they are “marketing” their business.  So they will use a parish magazine to do so, at around £50 per year.

“There.  Done.  Tick.  Advertising all sorted”

Except, if you are running a business that needs to pay a mortgage, keep you busy full-time and put food on the table, the parish magazine probably isn’t going to cut it.  So you will find yourself having to pay to place adverts elsewhere to bring home the bacon.

And that’s my point about my new oven.  I need it to do more than be the “parish magazine” of ovens.

I want it to cook, microwave, grill or a combination of all at the same time. And I want it to clean itself afterwards!

But that also means I will have to accept that I will have to pay more.

The one thing that will take the sting out of this extra expense is that I will also have peace of mind knowing that I have done everything I can to make sure that my oven can deal with whatever I throw at it and will deliver what I need, every time I use it.

And I won’t be back at the retailer anytime soon needing an upgrade.

As my Mum used to say.  “You get what you pay for”.  Marketing your business is the same.  Yes you can market for free. Yes you can market for a tiny amount, but in the end the results are all relative.

So, like me, you have two choices.  Either “tick the box” or get serious.  And then write the cheque.

Which might be larger than you had hoped, but ultimately, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’ve done the best by yourself and your business.  Or in my case, my kitchen and sanity!

Many thanks,



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